Prenup Essentials: What Canadians Need To Know

Written by a Canadian lawyer, if you are considering entering into a prenup, then this book is for you. It provides the information you need to know about prenuptial agreements in a quick and easy-to-read format without legalese.

This book explains the legal framework governing prenups and how prenups work and how the can protect you. It answer the questions I get asked most frequently in my legal practice.

The book also details a variety of options that people commonly choose to include in their prenuptial agreements.

You will save significant legal fees by reading this book before going to a lawyer.

At Last! A Comprehensive Guide to Good Grooming
Gone are the days when you could sit back and let your fiancée plan the entire wedding. Today’s grooms have countless tasks to perform, from hiring the entertainment and planning the rehearsal dinner to buying the wedding bands and comforting hysterical family members.
Fortunately, The Groom’s Instruction Manual is here to answer all of your most challenging questions: How do I handle feuding relatives? What should I look for in a good wedding photographer? Why does my fiancée seem stressed out all the time? Whatever your concerns, you’ll find the answers here—courtesy of author and veteran groom Shandon Fowler.

PreNups for the Poor Man. (Volume 1)

It’s the little things that destroys relationships. Because they are hidden deep inside and only come out after a couple is married is why “PreNups for the PoorMan” is in great need to provide help for couples. Couples are so in love that whatever their partner does is cute and sweet. After the newness is gone then awareness of other things begin to emerge. If these little things can be seen and addressed in the beginning, it can be fixed, either “for” the relationship or not for the relationship.

DIVORCE: Think Financially, Not Emotionally

Divorce is an extremely turbulent, stressful and emotional process … and one during which women must make many important financial decisions that will, for better or worse, impact the rest of their lives, including the division of assets and debt, the marital home, tax liabilities, alimony, etc.

Thinking financially is not always easy. But, it is possible, especially if you have some help.

Anyone, no matter how savvy, can benefit from expert advice when she is crossing through such treacherous and unfamiliar territory.

Divorce: Think Financially, Not Emotionally® provides women with everything they need to know to establish a secure financial future for themselves and their children before, during and after a financially complicated divorce. The book guides women on how to focus on vital financial matters, offering specific instruction on a number of key issues vital to securing long-term financial security, including:

building a t

Cold Hard Truth On Men, Women, and Money: 50 Common Money Mistakes and How to Fix Them

A new financial guide on how to avoid money mistakes at every stage of life, from bestselling author and TV superstar Kevin O’Leary—“a completely unique personality. He is able to say things that are sharp and funny but ultimately meaningful” (Los Angeles Times).

Don’t spend too much. Mostly save. Always invest.

This is simple advice, but it’s often the simple advice that’s easy to swallow and hard to follow. Kevin O’Leary understands that getting a handle on your personal finances can be challenging at any age. Whether you’re a parent struggling to explain savings to your children, a student contemplating a big loan to pay for school, a newly engaged couple considering joint bank accounts, or a baby boomer entering retirement, Kevin offers solid, practical advice to help you make—and keep—more money.

As a star on ABC’s Shark Tank, Kevin’s success with money management and in business is legendary. But he’s made mistakes along the way,

The New Love Deal: Everything You Must Know Before Marrying, Moving In, or Moving On!

People can talk about love. People can talk about money. The really hard thing is to talk about those two topics together. Especially when getting married or moving in together! Three professionals from different fields confront this issue: Gemma Allen, a prominent family law attorney; Judge Michele Lowrance, a long-time judge in the divorce division, who is now a mediator; and Terry Savage, a famed financial writer and money advisor. They explain that not only can love and money be talked about together, but that if the conversation is done with respect the relationship will have a better chance of success. The three authors agree that there is one thing we know about love: it’s a brand new deal. And if you only see it through the hazy glow of romance, you’re setting your relationship up for future turbulence. Instead, plan ahead to give yourselves the best chance of success, and to avoid unnecessary arguments and hidden resentments. Here’s the information and support

Tie the Knot, Secure the Handcuffs and Fasten the Chains: It’s a Stinky Prenup (Stinky Stories Book 17)

Much Married Bride Corrects Bishop during Wedding Ceremony

For this trip down the aisle oft married and oft widowed Prissy Poulet is more interested in the groom’s ass than his assets. Stinky has to wade through a confusing collection of documents to fashion a prenuptial agreement for the “People’s Princess” of the arts, but he gets to go to the year’s most anticipated wedding and reception. Prissy is French by prior marriage and if Cher could “Turn Back Time” and perform one of her popular “final” concerts in the legendary Moulin Rouge, it might be something like the reception. Don’t believe me? Stinky has photos.

Reader discretion warning: The “house cocktails” at the event are more like “house of ill repute cocktails.” The beverages described are real, but their names are very, very nasty. One of the wedding guests has a colorful past, colorful hair and a colorful tongue. She uses a lot of blue language. On the plus side

Prenups for Lovers A Romantic Guide to Prenuptial Agreements by Dubin, Arlene. Published by Villard,2001, Binding: Paperback

What to Do Before I Do: The Modern Couple’s Guide to Marriage, Money and Prenups

The cake has been chosen, the reception hall reserved, and all the attire ordered. Creating a marriage contract is probably the last thing on your mind. However, by working with your spouse-to-be to design your particular marriage contract, you control the relationship and direct your future.

What to Do Before “I Do” takes the potentially unromantic idea of a prenuptial agreement and makes you see its importance to your relationship. Proper planning will answer questions such as-
Will your child continue to be cared for in the manner you wish if you pass away?
Is your fiancé’s debt your responsibility?
Can your wife claim your premarital property in a divorce?

People often enter marriage with only a vague understanding of their partner’s financial status. Even if you decide against a prenuptial agreement, after reading this book, you will realize how important it is to go into a marriage with your eyes wide open.

Keeping It Civil: The Case of the Pre-nup and the Porsche & Other True Accounts from the Files of a Family Lawyer

Provocative true cases that explore the intersection of our most intimate relationships and the law―and offer a window into how we define a family today.

A woman seeking a divorce has no idea of the family finances―her husband doled out money only after she gave him requisition slips for her intended purchases. A lesbian couple wants to include their sperm donor in their child’s life―the sperm donor is the brother of one partner, so he will be the biological father as well as the child’s uncle. These are the clients who come knocking on family lawyer Margaret Klaw’s door, hoping for resolution. 

Prenup/Postnup: How They Work and Why You Might Need One

This is a book about Prenuptials and Postnuptials,legal documents which are becoming more and more prevalent throughout the country.It also delas with living together agreements,a phenomenon made more important by the numerous Gay and Lesbian relationships in our society.The book offers texts and invaluable forms for legal practitioners and lay people giving thought to putting together one or more of these contracts.It is not approached form the perspective of a particular state but instead has a national perspective.

All you need is love? For the residents of swanky Mayfair Estates, a pre-nup is just another item on the wedding to-do checklist—but three friends get more than they bargained for when they promise to love, cherish . . . and sign on the dotted line.

Ellie married her handsome, wealthy Prince Charming when she was young, naive, and willing to sign a one-sided pre-nup in the name of true love. But seven years and one toddler later, her happily-ever-after has come screeching to a halt. If she can’t save her marriage, she’s determined to save her divorce, and she’s not about to let a lot of legalese stand in her way.

When Jen married Eric, he knew she wasn’t head over heels. Still, he insisted that they were perfect together and even bankrolled her blossoming business. But when Jen’s career finally takes off, she realizes that she may lose her husband. If Eric leaves, Jen will lose everything—including the marriage she values more than she thought.


Help! He Wants Me To Sign a Prenup: A Lifesaving Guide for Women Faced with Signing a Prenuptial Agreement

Has your world suddenly been turned upside-down? Has a Prenuptial Agreement gotten the best of you? No need to suffer anymore, because Help! He Wants Me to Sign a Prenup is a where-to-go, what-to-do, I m at my breaking point, sanity saver. This book answers your pressing Prenup questions within a step-by-step workbook to guide you through the entire prenup process along with beauty tips and rewards to invigorate your soul. Through her personal stories and guidance, Dr. Lona Smith will make your relationship stronger than ever all while enduring the ordeal of going through a Prenuptial Agreement. This must-read book unveils how this Prenup veteran and you too will actually become empowered through the whole sign here process. You ll find that the key to emotional stability lies with laughter, using Dr. Lona s step-by-step process and of course, the support of your Prenup Posse. Dr. Lona Smith takes you on her wild ride of two canceled wedding dates, five fi